Light-Duty Towing

Bob's Garage & Towing can handle all of your vehicle needs with the care it deserves.Bob's will transport your vehicle safely with modernized state of the art equipment along with our damage-free wheel lift wreckers.We also have trucks equipped with 4-wheel drive for all of your off road recovery needs. We can utilize any situation that arises with our wide variety of equipment and services offered here at Bob's.We are here for our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week offering nothing but the best!
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Our quick response, trained and certified operators will handle the situation and assess the problem in the most professional manner.Call us for your light-duty towing and recovery needs at (440)354-5273 or (440)255-6460!
Northeast Ohio's Finest since 1965Northeast Ohio's Finest since 1965

Accidents,Breakdowns,Recoveries...Call Bob's for ANY job!